Tulane Unplugged Competition & Fund

Tulane UnplugedCongratulations to the winner of The 2017 Tulane Unplugged Energy Competition, Paterson House! Tulane Unplugged is a friendly competition between residence halls to see which dorm can conserve the most energy. Check back next fall for more information on the 2018 Competition.

“Energy Advocates” are student volunteers who engage with and encourage their fellow residents to reduce their energy use and climate impact. The residence hall with the highest electricity savings by the end of the competition (typically a two-week period) receive a dorm treat.   Volunteering as an Energy Advocate is a great way to learn about sustainability, connect with others in your dorm, and meet other students and staff working on sustainability at Tulane.

Throughout the year, you can visit Tulane’s Building Dashboard and monitor your dorm’s energy use and competition standings in real time.

Money saved as a result of the competition is dedicated to the Tulane Unplugged Fund, which supports campus-greening projects. Students are encouraged to submit proposals for projects that reduce environmental impact.  Project proposals can be for any on-campus greening project that exhibits a commitment to environmental sustainability.
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