Tulane University ENERGY STAR Purchasing Policy

Approved by the President’s Cabinet on July 30, 2009

When purchasing appliances and electronics, Tulane offices and departments are to purchase Energy Star labeled models unless it can be shown to be financially unfeasible.  The Energy Star label is a program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy that identifies energy-efficient models of most electronics and appliances. 

This policy includes, but is not exclusive to computers, appliances, electronic equipment and food service equipment. The Energy Star website lists types of appliances and models that are Energy Star labeled, and it has a calculator tool that can be used to calculate the savings in energy costs from a particular Energy Star labeled appliance.  Visit the Energy Star website and its Purchasing and Procurement website.

Particular attention should be paid to choosing Energy Star label models when purchasing desktop computers, computer monitors, printers and refrigerators.  This policy also requires that the purchase of new incandescent light bulbs be discontinued, and that as bulbs are replaced, Energy Star labeled options such as compact fluorescent lamps be used when appropriate models are available. 

Contracts with outside vendors that involve the use or placement of appliances or electronics should specify that any new equipment that will be powered by university-supplied utilities should be an Energy Star labeled model.  Vendors who supply Tulane offices with equipment will be encouraged to help Tulane employees identify Energy Star labeled models. 

Departments and offices are encouraged to report Energy Star purchases to receive recognition and so that savings can be tracked.  Computer purchases will be reviewed annually for compliance with this policy.

Departments are encouraged to consolidate office electronics whenever possible.  For example, use networked central printers and select multifunction devices.

This policy is implemented as part of a university-wide effort to reduce energy costs and environmental impact.  When multiplied across the hundreds of purchases made across Tulane, the savings of each energy efficient purchase helps reduce current energy use and protects against future increases in energy costs.

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