A number of services help Tulanians navigate New Orleans without a car.  Tulane runs several shuttle services for students and employees.

green transportationBike repair tools and instruction are available at the student-run Bike Repair Help Desk.  Visit the Tulane Bike Help Desk on Facebook to see this semester's hours and location.  Be sure to register your bike with the Tulane University Police Department, so it can be identified and recovered if it is stolen.

A ChargePoint Electric Vehicle Charging Station has been installed in the Diboll parking garage on the Uptown campus.  It is the third parking spot on the right side after you enter the garage.  A Tulane permit is required M-F, 8 am-5:30 pm to park in the garage.  The electricity is free; however, the parking spot is metered 24hours/7 days a week in order to be available frequently for electric vehicle charging use.  Users must pay the meter at a rate of $1.00 per hour. 

Through “WeCar,” Enterprise’s membership-based car sharing program, three Toyota Prius hybrids are available to Tulane and Loyola students and employees.  Members can reserve the cars online and rent them by the hour or day.  To sign up, visit  Tulane University and Enterprise also have an agreement which offers discounted car rental to faculty, staff, students, parents and university visitors.  The agreement also enables students 18-24 to rent cars. For more information, click here.

Videoconferencing technologies offer an excellent way to save time, money, and resources at the university.  A complete guide to videoconferencing resources at Tulane—including group videoconferencing, personal videoconferencing, and conference calls—is available on Technology Service’s Green IT website. 

green transportationMultiple streetcar and bus routes serve Tulane’s uptown and downtown campuses.  With bike racks on the front of New Orleans buses, you can bike to the bus or bus home from a bike ride.  

To see route schedules or learn more about the bike racks, visit the website of the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority.

What you can do
Set a goal to use alternative transportation for your daily commute. Start with one day a week and go from there.

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