Student Sustainability Research

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Design Thinking for a Sustainable Future
Samantha Dietz, Shihan Yu, and Nick Crossan
SISE students explore the use of choice architecture and nudges to encourage undergraduates to live more sustainable lifestyles.  (May 2017)

Waste Reduction Strategies at the LBC
Molly Mangel
This report examines three possible strategies for reducing waste from the disposal packaging used at the food court of the Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life, and includes notes on feedback from key stakeholders.  (April 2016)

Water Bottle Refill Stations at Tulane University
Colleen Large
In Fall 2013, Prof. Keith Silverman’s Environmental Ethics class raised funds for the installation of a water bottle refill station in Howard Tilton Memorial Library. This report describes the process of selecting and installing the station. (Fall 2015)

Downtown Campus Benchmarking Report
Rebeckah Blossman, Blake Gill, and JT Robinson
Students in the Tulane School of Architecture Master of Sustainable Real Estate program analyzed the energy use of downtown campus buildings to determine which buildings are performing best. (May 2015)

Tulane University Reusable Container Program Proposal
Chloe Arnow
This proposal for a reusable container program was adopted by Sodexo, Tulane’s dining provider, for two campus dining locations. (2014)

Tulane Bicycle Safety 2014
Scott Fletcher, Samantha Dietz, Lance Taweel, Abigail Sebton and Melanie Barlow
Students from the Fall 2014 Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Design Thinking course were tasked with ideating solutions for bicycle safety concerns at Tulane University. They propose three solutions.  (Fall 2014)

Shut the Sash Day Educational Campaign: Findings and Results
Tassia Paschoal
Describes a campaign that educates lab researchers about the energy savings of closing the sashes of VAV fume hoods by designating a target date.  (November 2014)

Tulane Sash Management Education Campaign
Ava Zimmerman & Liz Davey
Discusses the importance of closing the sashes of VAV fume hoods as an energy-saving measure, the situation at Tulane, and the impact of a simple outreach effort to lab staff during 2012-13. (May 2013)

Tulane University and Composting
Tyler Annarino
Estimates the food and yard waste produced on the uptown campus and investigates different in-vessel composting systems that could be implemented in an urban area.  (May 2013)

Tulane University Students’ Replies to Transportation, Parking and Energy Use Survey
David A. Gray
Reports on the method and results of a 2008-2009 survey of Tulane students about their transportation choices and energy use.  The survey was conducted by service learning students in Professor Rick Duque’s sociology classes.  (April 2010)

2008-2009 Tulane Transportation Survey
David A. Gray
Service learning students in Professor Rick Duque’s Sociology classes conducted a telephone survey to assess the transportation choices of Tulane staff, faculty and students.  This is a summary of their results. (2009)

Solar Photovoltaic:  A Proven Energy Solution
Nick Cope, Mario Coronel, Domnik Knoll, Ruth Yomtoubian
This paper, written for Prof. Linda Baynham’s MGMT-715-21, considers approaches to financing the installation of a solar photovoltaic systems on uptown campus buildings. (March 2010)

Wind Energy as an option to meet Tulane’s Carbon Neutrality Goals
Patricio Campuzano, Sarah Gaddis, Mari-Kate McEntee, Tuan Nguyen
An examination of the potential for use of wind turbines to generate electricity in the New Orleans area, including new designs that can generate electricity at lower wind speeds.  Click here for slides of their presentation, “Wind Energy Feasibility at Tulane.” (March 2010)

Carbon Offsets & the St. Landry Parish Landfill
Daniel Fletcher, Noah Lewis, Spencer Wool
An introduction to carbon offset markets and review of offsets available from this landfill methane destruction project located in Louisiana, done for Prof. Linda Baynham’s  MGMT 7150-21. Click here for slides of their presentation, “The Case for Carbon Credits.” (March 2010)

Geothermal – Tulane’s Better Energy Alternative
Leslie Johns, Katie LaCorte & Jonas Sorensen
An analysis of the possible use of a geothermal heat pump system to provide heating and cooling to buildings on the uptown campus, done for Prof. Linda Baynham’s  MGMT 7150-21. Click here for slides of their presentation. (March 2010)

Renewable Energy Project: Solar Thermal Systems
Josue Alarcon, Erhan Bicmen, Ersan Eryilmaz, Stephan Schiffleithner
An analysis of the potential for using a solar thermal system to heat the Reily Center pool, done for Prof. Linda Baynham’s MGMT  715-21. (March 2010)

Green Grub: Willingness to Pay for “Green” Food at University Dining Facilities
Catherine Freshley
A study of how much Tulane students are willing to pay for different “green” food options on campus, written for Professor Shimshack’s ECON 496. (Spring 2009)

“The Quandary of Quantification: Verifying the Climate Impact of Sustainable Design”
Emily Levings
An investigation of methods for quantifying the greenhouse gas emissions reductions resulting from sustainable design projects in the rebuilding of New Orleans.  (May 2008)

Green Dining presents LBC Goes Green!
Arturo Corleto, Lisa Hohberger, Jimena Leon and Marc-Phillip Meyer
An analysis of the costs and benefits of using more silverware and ceramic plates in the LBC. (Fall 2008)

Renewable Energy for the RiverSphere
Brianne Culley, Lauren Glickman, Colin Manasse and Cassandra Pace
This review of possible renewable energy technologies for Tulane’s RiverSphere site was an entry in the 2005 EPA P3 Student Sustainability Design Competition. (April 2005)

Energy Efficient Reconstruction in New Orleans
Seth Cunningham, Anna Davis and Will Morrison
This directory of organizations promoting energy efficient reconstruction in the New Orleans area also includes helpful tips, as well as information on educational and incentive programs. (May 2007)

Italian Environmental Approaches and Applications for New Orleans
Students in Latifah Troncelliti's Italian 313 researched approaches to recycling, renewable energy and flood control in Italian cities in order to make comparisons and suggestions for the city of New Orleans. (April 2007)

2005 New Orleans Metropolitan Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
Through the Office of Environmental Affairs, Tulane students were hired by the Regional Planning Commission for Jefferson, Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard and St. Tammany Parishes (RPC) as consultants to research and draft recommendations for improving bicycle safety and infrastructure in our region. (2006; written Spring 2002)

Higher Education: Bicycle Safety for Colleges and Universities
Audrey Warren, Adam Davidson, Alexandra Cervenka, Liz Davey and Karen Parsons
Learn how to do a catch and release bicycle census and teach drivers and bicyclists to share the road safely. Funded by the Regional Planning Commission and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. (July 2004)

Evaluating Campus Awareness of Global Climate Change
Brianne Culley, Thalia Polychronis, Kat Chulvick, Colin Manasse and Lisa Linhardt
This assessment of our climate change education programs was conducted by a team of Service Learning students from Professor Scott Frickel's Environmental Sociology class. (May 2003)

Unlimited Access At Tulane and Other Universities
Renee Gardner
A proposal for providing Tulane students with unlimited access to all Regional Transit Authority routes and services. (July 2002)

A Report on the First Year of the ENERGY STAR Showcase Dorm Room
Shelley Kahler, (May 2002)

Tulane University Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory
Find out how big the climate footprint of Tulane's uptown campus is. (May 2002)

Connecting Campus Life to Global Climate Change
This overview of the OEA's campus climate change and energy efficiency efforts was presented at the Greening the Campus IV conference. (September 2001).

How to Design a School Recycling Program
Shelly Moczygemba
A step by step guide to starting recycling programs in schools, with local examples and vendor information for the New Orleans. (June 2001)

A Hands-on Recycling Curriculum for Second and Third Graders
Eman M. Williams
Complete lesson plans for a unit on recycling to teach in second and third grade classes. Her teaching materials also include scramble puzzles and a recycling diploma. (June 2000)

Economic Development, Corporate Accountability and the Environment: Comparative Case Studies from Costa Rica and Louisiana
Nikki Thanos
This senior honors thesis in environmental policy examines state development policies and corporate accountability in Costa Rice and Louisiana. Click on the title to read the complete thesis, or read the executive summary in english or spanish. (June 2000)

Sampling and Analysis of Pharmaceutical Contaminants in Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River
Kristen Smeby
Investigates the local dimensions of an emerging area of environmental concern--prescription and non-prescription drugs that enter our waters through sewage treatment plants and agricultural runoff. (May 2000)

ISO 14001 Aspects Analysis
Barry Hirsch
This powerpoint presentation discusses how Tulane should conduct the environmental aspects analysis required for an ISO 14001 environmental management. (May 2000)

Pilot Method for Recycling Program Design
Tulane Student Chapter, American Society of Civil Engineers
This poster (in powerpoint) details a method for installing effective recycling systems in K-12 schools. (April 2000)

"Ecological Design"
Besty Franke and Liz Davey
Presentation to the Tulane Campus Planning Steering Committee. (February 2000)

Master Process, Planning and Design, Uptown Campus: Ecological Design
Office of Campus Planning, Tulane University
The chapter outlines principles of ecological design to be considered in all future uptown campus landscaping, transportation planning, and building construction. In February 2000 the Campus Planning Steering Committee approved it as a "living document"--one that may be amended and updated in the future. (February 2000)

Environmental Audit of Gibson Hall
This class project examines the environmental systems and behaviors of one Tulane building. (Spring 1999)

Greening the Campus: Institutional Environmental Change at Tulane University
Aaron S. Allen
This honors thesis in Environmental Studies examines the history of environmental action and programs at Tulane and proposes a structure to ensure further progress greening Tulane. (May 1999)

Green Gradecard for the Green Wave
A qualitative review of Tulane's environmental impacts done as a class project in Environmental Sociology. (May 1997)