Incoming Students

Going Green at Tulane:  Simple Steps for First Year Students
True to its name, the Green Wave offers many opportunities to be eco-friendly.  Before you even arrive on campus, you can join our greening efforts.

enrgySTAR light bulb

Before you arrive
  • Choose energy efficient ENERGY STAR labeled options when purchasing any new electronics or appliances.  Almost all of the energy users in a typical dorm room can be found in energy efficient ENERGY STAR labeled options, including computers, lighting, mini-fridges, entertainment systems and more.  
  • Visit the Energy Smart Shopping for College website to learn more.
  • Talk to your roommate about what electronics you will bring and share.  If you are not sure whether you will need something, wait.  The university offers regular shopping shuttles. 
  • Remember that you will have to carry, ship, or store all your belongings at the end of the year. Choosing carefully will reduce your work and waste as you finish spring semester exams.
  • Read about environmental opportunities in and out of the classroom at Tulane at

As you move in
  • Recycle your cardboard boxes.  Empty all trash, bottles and cans from your boxes, and place them outside your residence hall near the dumpster.    On Move-in Day, look for volunteers in the dark blue recycling shirts who can help you recycle.

During your first year
  • Recycle all paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, and plastics numbered 1 or 2. Collect your recyclables and trash in the bins provided in your room and take them to your residence hall’s recycling room or outside station. has all the details. 
  • Join a student environmental or community service organization.  You can meet student leaders and signup at the Student Activities Expo, held on the first Friday afternoon of the new semester. 
  • Outreach Tulane, a one-day community service event at the beginning of the semester, has many environmental service projects.
    Visit Outreach Tulane to sign up. 

Resources for RAs
  1. Green Tulane Bulletin Board.  Ready to print and post!