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Laboratories are significant users of energy and material resources on Tulane’s campus. A single fume hood at Tulane can use the same amount of energy as a house! By making conscientious choices, lab users can reduce their environmental impact while creating a healthier and safer space for students and faculty.

Read on for ways to make your lab more environmentally conscious:

Save Energy

Tulane Green LabsShut the Sash & Keep Fume Hoods Organized
Shutting the sash on laboratory fume hoods that are not in use is a simple way to save a huge amount of energy in your lab! Click here to learn more about Tulane’s Shut the Sash programs.

Please contact us for reminder stickers that you can place on your fume hoods! Email recycle@tulane.edu.

Make sure not to store lab equipment and chemicals in your fume hood. This prevents hazards and makes it easier to close fume hoods that are not in use.

Close laboratory doors and windows
Laboratories are designed to meet specific air-flow and pressure needs. Closing laboratory doors keeps chemicals and materials in their designated space while allowing the HVAC system to function properly, saving energy and money.

Keep lab freezers organized
Freezers use a huge amount of energy in order to keep materials at the proper temperature. By staying organized, you can limit the amount of time that freezer doors are opened. Host a freezer cleanout each semester.

Reduce Waste

Tulane Green LabsDispose of materials properly
In addition to regular recycling and trash disposal, laboratories have special procedures for managing different types of materials, including broken glass, old lab equipment, electronics, and “red-bag waste” or sharps. Click here for information on disposal procedures at laboratories on the uptown and downtown campuses. The PDF can also be printed out and used as a poster in your laboratory.

Use mail-back programs to recycle lab tip boxes and styrofoam coolers
Several companies offer mail-back programs for these materials. Click here for information on these lab tip box and styrofoam cooler recycling programs.

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