tulane energy

Reducing the energy consumption of buildings is a large, immediate step that can be taken to address climate change. Building energy use contributes over half of the greenhouse gas emissions that result from Tulane activities.

Tulane’s Building Dashboard displays real-time energy use data for over 30 campus buildings.  The website tracks the use of electricity, chilled water (cooling) and steam (heating),  shows the overall impact on climate change, and provides green tips and building comparisons. We hope that the site helps demystify building energy use and that students will use the data for research projects and energy conservation initiatives. 

Everyone in the campus community can do their part. Technology Service’s Green IT website has extensive resources for reducing the energy use of IT and using IT to reduce energy use. When purchasing electronics and appliances, all university offices and departments should chose ENERGY STAR labeled models. The Energy Smart Shopping for College website explains the basics of energy efficient purchasing.

What you can do
  1. When buying any new electronics or appliances, look for the Energy Star logo marking the most energy efficient models
  2. Enable your computer’s power saving features (Tulane offices should enable monitor power management, but check with their IT department before enabling hard drive sleep settings).

  1. Energy Smart Shopping for College
  2. Energy Star
  3. Technology Services Green IT
  4. Tulane Building Dashboard