Climate Commitment

tulane climate commitment

President Cowen signed the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment in spring 2008, the first step in developing a plan for Tulane University to achieve climate neutrality. This commitment challenges us to not only reduce our emissions on campus, but also to support energy efficiency, renewable energy and ecological restoration in our community.

President Cowen has appointed a Climate Commitment Advisory Committee with members from across the campus community. They developed a draft Climate Action Plan with recommendations for university actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Each year Tulane inventories the greenhouse gas emissions that result from university activities.

What you can do
  1. Learn more about climate change and local sustainability efforts.
  2. Look for ways you, your office, department or organization can save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or further understanding of global warming.

Liz Davey, Office of Sustainability
phone: 504-865-5145

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