Climate Commitment

tulane climate commitment

Tulane University has adopted a Climate Action Plan, a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that result from university activities.  Like other planning documents, a climate action plan identifies a path suited to the particular goals, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, physical infrastructure and policy context of our institution.  With the plan as a guide, we can begin to identify resources to move specific measures forward.

To develop this climate action plan, working groups of Tulane staff, faculty and students suggested possible actions; a consulting team provided analysis of costs and savings, as well as research on practices at other universities.  The initial analysis was presented in public presentations on the Uptown and Downtown campuses, and the plan has been presented to the Physical Facilities and Campus Development Committee of the Board of Tulane, the Campus Planning Executive Committee, and the project Steering Committee, comprised of senior administrators.  President Michael Fitts approved the plan in June 2015. 

Documents from the planning process and annual greenhouse emissions inventories are posted below. 

Climate Action Planning Documents

Public Presentation Preview Materials - October 2014
Climate Action Planning uses terms and graphs that will be new to most members of the university community.

  1. Preview slides:   These slides show the key graphs that will be presented.  As analysis continues, results may change.
  2. Climate Action Planning Terms & Acronyms
Preliminary Analysis - September 2014
These presentations were reviewed by Tulane working groups in September 2014.

  1. Student Global Citizenship and Sustainability
  2. Transportation Working Group
Consulting Team Visit -- April 2014
  1. Transportation Working Group:  PresentationMeeting Notes
  2. Energy Demand Working Group:  Presentation  / Meeting Notes
  3. Energy Supply Working Group:  Presentation /   Meeting Notes
  4. Student Global Citizenship & Sustainability Working Group:  Presentation  / Meeting Notes
  5. Steering Committee:   Presentation /   Meeting Notes

  6. Draft Climate Action Plan 2011

Liz Davey, Office of Sustainability
phone: 504-865-5145

  1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory, 2016
  2. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory, 2015
  3. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory, 2013 & 2014
  4. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory, 2011 & 2012
  5. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory, 2010
  6. Tulane University Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory, 2006-2008
  7. Climate Commitment Advisory Committee
  8. Tulane Focus the Nation: a campus-wide conversation about climate change
  9. American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment

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